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Decima and company is a management consulting firm established in 2018. We provide services including financial advisory, strategy formulation and implementation as well as business process re-engineering.

Our focus is to create value by providing solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations while reducing costs and achieving business goals.

Our Services
We provide financial advice to our clients on accounting and treasury operations management.
Business process re-engineering
We offer business optimization solutions to clients who seek to streamline operations while increasing efficiency and effectiveness
We support our clients with the formulation and implementation of strategy, in order to position them better to compete.

Why Choose Us ?

Our team of professional management accountants have over seven years of experience in optimization, treasury operations and financial accounting.

To be the leading management consulting firm in Africa.

We exist to find optimal solutions for business challenges, using effective research techniques.

We believe that value creation is fundamental to sustainable growth in Africa, therefore we place a high value on innovation and professionalism. With the aid of our diverse team of experts, we aim to provide our clients with premium services.

We consider people to be essential to the success of any business thus it is our responsibility to foster an equitable, professional but friendly work environment, while seeking to achieve excellence through individual and collective growth.

Our clients